Creating our Future – City of Williams Lake Citizen Budget Consultation 2020

Consultation is now closed, but feel free to look at the webpage for information purposes.

The City of Williams Lake invites you to use this interactive budget simulator to help us understand your priorities and provide feedback on various municipal services.

The budget process highlights the choices that must be made that directly impact the taxes you pay and the level of services the City can provide. This exercise allows you to experience the types of decisions City Council makes when choosing between what the community wants and needs versus what we can afford.

Your feedback will inform the City’s 2020 budget deliberations and Council’s strategic priorities.

Thank you for your participation!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Review the graphs that show revenues and expenditures proposed for 2020.

Step 2: Review each revenue and service description, then move the slider to the (+) side to increase that revenue/expenditure or to the (-) side to decrease that revenue/expenditure.

Step 3: Try to help balance City’s budget to 0 (for City’s revenue to cover all the proposed expenditures)!

The budget is $2,500,000 in deficit. Change an activity to start.

Property and Parcel Taxes

Your choice

Annual Property and Parcel Taxes are one of the largest revenue sources for the City and are critical to providing programs and services in the community. An average City’s household is paying approximately $1,360 annually in municipal property taxes. Changing residential tax rate by 1% will increase (or decrease) City’s revenues by $52,582 and average household will pay $13 more (or less) in property taxes.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain Property Taxes?
If you would change property tax rates, which you would increase, decrease or maintain?

Residential Property Tax Rates (currently 5.96 per $1,000 of assessed value)

Major Industry Property Tax Rates (currently $ 111.92 per $1,000 of assessed value)

Light Industry Property Tax Rates (currently $ 51.54 per $1,000 of assessed value)

Business Property Tax Rates (currently $ 13.42 per $1,000 of assessed value)

Recreational Property Tax Rates (currently $19.41 per $1,000 of assessed value)

Service Fees & Charges

Your choice

The City uses other funding sources established Fees and Charges for the provision of services. Fees and Charges are established by bylaw and are primarily used for recovering the cost of such services as, water, sewer, transit and landfill. The City also charges for exercising regulatory authority such as, building permit fees, business licenses, etc.

The City kept its service Fees and Charges relatively stable over the past several years, but is planning several major investments in coming years – to establish universal water metering service, to build water treatment plant, etc.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain Service Fees and Charges?

Other Funding Sources (Grants, Borrowing, Using Reserves, etc.)

Your choice

With limited revenue sources available to the City, securing funding for important projects is always a top-of-mind issue for Williams Lake’s elected officials and staff. Potential additional funding sources that are considered – grant funding from government and non-government sources, borrowing, etc. Accessing these different funding sources is not guaranteed, as many municipalities are competing for the same funding sources, access to these funds is further complicated by the diverse and sometimes complex.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding from other sources (grants, borrowing, reserves, etc.)?
How the City should fund major infrastructure projects (universal water metering, water treatment plant,…)?

Other (Please specify)

Development Services

Your choice

The Development Services has a key role in creating and maintaining a strong sustainable community. Land development decisions are based on social, environmental and economic perspectives. Programs are directed at encouraging industrial and commercial investments, and creating diverse employment opportunities. The department is responsible for design and expansion of the City’s infrastructure, keeping pace with growth of the community.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding to Development Services?

Corporate Administration

Your choice

The Corporate Administration Department provides corporate and other assistance to City Council and staff in their efforts to address community issues and provide good governance. The Department works with all City departments providing information and assistance on matters such as bylaw requirements, Council and committee agendas and Council procedural requirements.

More specifically, the Department is responsible for managing and maintaining all City records and ensuring access to those records. The Department undertakes special projects such as boundary extension applications and contractual agreements and policies, and conducts municipal general elections. Assistance and information is provided to the public regarding meeting agendas and minutes, as well as for public advocacy. The Corporate Administration Department accepts notices and documents on behalf of the City that are required or permitted to be given, served on, filed or otherwise provided to the municipality.

The Department includes Legislative Services, Human Resources, Finance and Purchasing, Information Technology, and Economic Development.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Corporate Administration?

Municipal Services (Public Works, Water and Sewer)

Your choice

The Municipal Services provide and maintain a number of essential services and infrastructure for the City. This includes maintenance of streets, sidewalks and lights, street sweeping, snow and ice removal, management of the City’s fleet, parks operations, cemetery operations, building maintenance, water and sewer.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Public Works?

Police (RCMP), Community Policing

Your choice

The Williams Lake RCMP is responsible for policing services in the city and the surrounding area. Dedicated to the safety and security of local citizens, the RCMP works to reduce crime and disorder through education and enforcement. The City also delivers Community Policing and Victim Services to all victims of crime and trauma providing support and empowering victims to move from crisis to confidence.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Police Services?

Protective Services (Fire Department and Bylaw)

Your choice

Protective Services include Williams Lake Fire Department and Bylaw.

The Williams Lake Fire Department provides fire protection in our community and region. The Fire Department’s service extends to fire prevention and investigations, public education, fire safety inspections, motor vehicle accidents, rescue and fire suppression activities.

In addition to fire protection, Protective Services also provides Bylaw Services. The City’s bylaw officers enforce municipal bylaws such as animal control, traffic and parking, unsightly premises and noise and provide public education to keeping the City clean, healthy and safe for all.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Fire Department and Bylaw Services?

Public Transit

Your choice

Public transit is an effective way to move people and reduce traffic and parking challenges. The Williams Lake Transit system operates 4 fixed routes, handyDART and Health Connection services. While transit users pay fares to ride, this covers only a portion of the annual transit costs. Budget decisions could affect the routes and frequency of transit availability.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Public Transit?

Community Services (Recreation and Cultural)

Your choice

The Community Services provide a wide range of recreational and cultural programs, activities and opportunities addressing community health and wellness and enhancing the quality of life of the citizens of Williams Lake. The department manages the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex (which is funded by property taxes collected for CRD), develops and maintains walking and biking trails throughout the City and River Valley, green spaces in the City, community parks, water spray park, sport fields for soccer, softball and other leisure activities.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Recreation and Cultural Services?

Regional Airport Services

Your choice

The City of Williams Lake operates the Williams Lake Regional Airport. The airport serves not only the City, but the Cariboo-Chilcotin region as well, by providing:

  • Essential air services, including forest fire response;
  • Scheduled passenger and charter air services that link region to national (and international) airports;
  • Commercial air flights that service regional economy.
Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Regional Airport Services?

Roads and Capital Asset Investments

Your choice

The City of Williams Lake is planning an ambitious $8.3 million dollar capital program in 2020 to continue renewing and upgrading City’s infrastructure.

The City also spends significant amounts per year maintaining our road network and utilizes a variety of techniques and equipment to repair, rehabilitate and reconstruct roads.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding of Capital Projects and Roads?

Debt Management

Your choice

The City has $10.3 million of outstanding debt, which was borrowed to construct new municipal facilities, build City infrastructure and purchase equipment. The City budgets annually $1.5 million to repay the debt and interest.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain City borrowing?

Surplus and Reserves Management

Your choice

The City has an estimated $7.5 million of reserves, including $0.9 million in policy restricted surpluses. Accumulated surpluses and reserves are built up to preserve funds for future large infrastructure project that the City wants to implement. In recent years, the City was using reserves to fund capital projects and is planning to use $0.9 million and up of reserves in 2020.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain Other Funding (Interfund Transfers)?

Summary of Your Choices

City’ Revenues and Expenditures:

Changing Municipal Property Taxes:

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